This was a big mistake (Bascom Hall to the State Capital, Friday, May 20, 2016, Madison, Wisconsin)

Performance, 2016

Photography by Stephanie Lifshutz

In this mock protest, artists Grant Gustafson and Samantha Lasko walked from UW Madison's Bascom Hall to the Wisconsin state capital carrying a 13 foot vinyl banner that read "This was a big mistake". By carrying a banner that used the tone of a protest, but lacked the objective, Grant hoped to spur a moment of pause and reflection in those who saw the performance. 


The following was printed on postcards and handed out: 


What was a big mistake? What is a big mistake? 

Have we made a big mistake? Are we making a big mistake?

When was the last big mistake? When is the next big mistake?

Is there an end to big mistakes? Was there a beginning to big mistakes?

Can we hope to not make big mistakes? Do we hope to not make big mistakes?